Monday, February 01, 2010

Application forms

Employers get people to fill these out to make the selection process easier for them.
How you ask?
  • Everyone’s forms have the same questions, in the same order
  • Makes it easier for them to compare with other applications
  • It could form a topic for an interview
To give yourself a better chance you need to:
  • To know what they are wanting
  • Plenty of time to go over things
  • Actually want to do it
  • Presentation is everything- make it clean and tidy

If you are applying for a job that everyone else is going for, your application has to stand out. If it is untidy and not fully completed, your form can be cut with out them even reading it.
Employers know who their looking for. They want to know who you are not just what you have or have not done.
Some application forms are easier to fill out then others. You should take your time reading through it and making sure you understand it. If you don’t, then ask someone else to help you. Also give your self plenty of time to fill it out. You want to give your self the best chance, so you also need to think about your answers carefully- make sure you have examples or evidence to back your answer up with.

  • Read the job description
  • Do you want to apply?
  • Is an application form needed?
  • You know what kind of person they want
  • You are that person or can become that person
  • Where to send it
  • You apply before the closing date
Again read through it all, every single note that is there. If it’s a hard out form then make a draft copy before you write on the actual form. Remember if it’s a mess it could get cut.

Once you finished your draft read through it and check it.
When you have done that ask yourself:
  • Have I filled it ALL out
  • Does it sound like me?
  • Does it make a good 1st impression?
  • Have I made it about the job I’m applying for?
  • Check spelling and grammar
Now get someone else to read through it and check your spelling and grammar. You can even get them to ask questions about some of your answers- this will help you.

When you make the final copy- use a BLUE or BLACK pen, write tidily and use Twink instead of crossing it out. Make sure you send it a couple of days before the closing date and that you are sending it to the correct address.