Thursday, April 01, 2010

Career’s Month

Next month is ‘Career Insight, May 2010’, the Manawatu’s first ever Career’s Month!! For a whole month events will run with a focus on the training and careers on offer in the region. If you want to look into further study or a specific career and find out how to make it happen, this is the month for you!

The events include road shows, expos, workshops and seminars and ‘day in the life of a…..’ events. Employers are also opening their doors to offer you the chance to get an insider’s view on what it takes to work in certain industries and just what it takes! The last week of May is national Youth Week so there’ll also be events then specifically for young people, including an opportunity to hear inspirational speakers with a passion for youth and to meet with local celebrities and find out about their career paths!

All the details of these awesome events can be found on the website . You’ll need to register for some events so get online and check it out!!

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